Finding New Money in your 2020 Budget

Finding New Money in your 2020 Budget

We are well into 2020 and perhaps you are looking for simple clever ways to squeeze a few more dollars out of that budget prepared last fall.  Even the best of a well-planned budget could always stand a little tweaking, but the numbers are solid and have been approved by CFO of your company.  Where to find those few extra dollars?

Are you relying on conventional ways of finding revenue such as new charges for your residents and prospects? Pet rent, parking, late fees and passing on utility charges will not find those additional dollars.  Our residents are already spending up to 30% of the monthly income on rent. Is it fair to pass more costs onto this over extended group? Piling on too many additional charges may just cause some to move out or on into home ownership.  Turnover has fixed costs as well through lost revenue and additional monies needed to turn the unit for the next prospect. Not to mention revenue losses vacancies. (Source: NAA)

Perhaps the answer is right under your nose. Call Assist 24/7 and Message Assist provide seamless text communication between your maintenance, leasing teams and your valued residents. Using the native tools found in our mobile phones, we can communicate quickly in real time. Have you ever heard the saying “Time is money”? Or perhaps “A picture is worth a thousand words”?

An Interactive Voice Response call management platform can save you thousands of dollars annually over a live person phone answering service. People may make mistakes in judgment, but a picture or a video that your resident can send via text to the maintenance technician at 3 am will show actual the fact of the service issue. Additionally, with Call Assist 24/7 there the are no penalty charges for going over your allotted number of calls as with a live service. Our service is just one monthly flat fee.  Often one emergency can trigger so many calls that it will add hundreds of unbudgeted dollars in one month. (How IVR can save you money.)

How else can Call Assist 2/47 put money back into your 2020 budget?  Your maintenance technician can ask the resident to use our snap photo or video feature. He can see what the service call requires. Perhaps he needs to stop at a hardware store to pick up a special tool that is not in the maintenance shop. If this is not actually an emergency service call and it can wait to the next morning, that just saved you an average of $100 but not having to pay your technician to go out at 2 am. With Call Assist 24/7 the resident will receive a photo of the technician. Often your resident may feel, for safety reasons, too frightened to open the door. With the photo of the technician sent directly to their phone, they will be in direct communication and that will make them feel safer.

Lastly, Call Assist 24/7 can provide time stamped documentation that is housed in the Activities Dashboard. A client in Tulsa had a resident take them to court over a maintenance issue. This case was dismissed as this manager was able to document in real time with visual voice mail and photos. Imagine the savings by circumventing court costs and lost wages and time for their employees.

The good news is that Call Assist 24/7 will not only help you find more money in your 2020 budget but will save you money over time. Is there any reason why we can’t get you on a live demo? It’s 15 minutes that will be well spent!

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