The Renaissance of Print 2020!

The Renaissance of Print 2020!

Print is here to stay. It couldn’t be any more alive.  In fact, as fake news and pop up spam clamors for our attention, nothing can and will beat the personal experience we get from reading books and magazines. Our brains crave the physical experience of reading and the emotional connection to holding a book or magazine is innate and ingrained in the human experience. It won’t create cookies in our news feed or dictate that we need to have WI-FI on an internet connection. So why then are we to listen the Internet Listing Services that want to define our story and tell us how we should want our information?

The National Apartment Association understands that publishing a magazine for their readership just makes good sense. ’UNITS Magazine is a full-color trade publication featuring news and news makers in the apartment housing industry. Features include interviews of members who are movers and shakers in the industry, profiles of cutting-edge firms and properties, and topical articles covering every aspect of residential property management and ownership. UNITS serves as the perfect arena to learn about what’s going on in the rental housing industry and is a great resource to keep on your bookshelf.  

Story telling and print go hand in hand like green eggs and ham. One of my best memories is reading “Little Bear Goes to the Moon” by Maurice Sendak to my two-year-old daughter. It’s the story of children testing the boundaries of their world with the reassurance that “Mother Bear” will always be there when they return from their adventures. Or it’s the desire to fine an amazing book to read while you are on the beach during vacation. We need to clear our minds and give our brains the nourishing food of reading and holding a physical book or magazine. (Source: Freeport Press)

Direct mail is on the rise and 79% of consumers find the physical mail more convenient than email. (Why Print Matters) Central Media Solution’s new launch of The Vendor Guide in Lexington Kentucky offers businesses the ability to reach apartment owners and managers with direct mail. Beautifully designed custom ads tell the story of each advertisers. They can clearly show how they will make life easier for the leasing and management staff as well as their valued residents. Additionally, Central Media produces targeted magazines for apartment rental shopper with Apt Magz and home shoppers with their New Homes magazine as well. These print magazines work increase SEO by driving traffic to their respective website (Aparment Magz and New Homes Monthly). To take their connection one step further, both publications can be viewed digitally.

Print is not dead. It can not only co-exist with digital, but by both working together they can reach a much broader audience. Why alienate any one group of consumers?  Look for ways to integrate traditional sources like print to enhance your media message…. something for everyone!

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