Emerging Multifamily Trends for 2020

Emerging Multifamily Trends for 2020

Every year in January we think about what new innovations will bring value to the multifamily industry. How will these new products or services make life easier for our residents and on-site teams?

As we have become a pet- centric society, related amenities such as dog washing station or a bark park will be appreciated by your residents. Perhaps even offering dog walking, pet sitting services or partnering with a mobile groomer would give your community a competitive edge. Remember to have plenty of dog treats in your leasing office.

On the technology front, there are a mirade of options for smart in-home automation and package delivery but could be cost prohibitive due to built in obsolescence and/or the need to upgrade hardware. Many owner/managers are cautious as they research how and when to adopt these technologies. Justin Marshall with Fogelman Properties in his article for Multifamily Executive Magazine, lists 5 key areas where he sees opportunity trending for 2020. Balancing high Tech versus the human touch almost sounds like an unlikely combination.

Let’s look at Call Assist 2/47 created by Central Media Solution. They surveyed on-site teams to see what type of functionality they wanted in their call management platform. The feedback was that they wanted it to be mobile friendly and have a super simple calendar for their maintenance teams schedules. They also needed a time stamped audit trail for documentation. We listened and developed a system based on the native tools in our smart phones. The Call Assist 24/7 team went a step further and developed the snap photo feature that your maintenance technicians as well as residents alike will love. For any afterhours emergency service call, your on-call maintenance technician can use his mobile phone to request a photo or a video of the service issue. Within seconds, your resident will get text a photo of the technician coming out at 2 am to be the superhero. Here’s where technology meets human touch. We have just created a positive emergency service request experience for your resident.

Ishea Brown predicts that one of the trends in 2020 will be technology that improves landlord communication. @CallAssist247 will also complete the service call by texting a customer survey to the resident for a rating. That resident now feels connected with a strong sense of community because of technology that provide seamless communication. Over time this will have a positive effect on social media for our communities. Happy residents don’t leave unhappy ratings and reviews. Additionally, to improve landlord to resident communication, we have our sister service, Message Assist. Management teams can type or audio record their communication. This message can be sent via email or text to one person or the entire community in real time to their mobile phones.  And there were no apps for you, your team or your residents to download! How cool is that?

As you can see, @CallAssist247 and Message Assist are two examples of trending technologies for 2020 that will give a clear and concise communication with your residents and will instill confidence for your teams. Not to mention save you money by reducing unnecessary after-hours emergency service calls!

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